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Well it's November now. Japan's finally starting to cool off and head into winter. I'm finally feeling more comfortable and relaxed now (due to cooler temperatures). I seriously hate the Japanese summers. It's so hot and humid and just plain miserable.

Recently not much has happened. I'm still in Shiga and I'm still in my job. Things are changing though. I'm now looking for a new job, focusing on areas away from where I am currently. I've decided that I've hit a rut. I'm stuck in a cycle of lonliness and mediocrity that is slowly destroying me. Here's my weekly cycle:

Tuesday: I go to work from 0930-1930, then I go to my Japanese lesson from 2030-2200. I arrive back at home around 2245.

Wednesday: I work from 0930-1915. After work I go home, eat dinner and watch a Japanese game show until about 2100. Afterwards I either study Japanese or play on the computer. I'll let you guess which one gets more attention.

Thursday: Again it's work from 0930-1930. It's dinner then study or computer.

Friday: Fridays are a little differet. I go to work from 1300-1900. I generally get all my crap done during the day before work so I can study and shit at night. I usually play on the computer after work though.

Saturday: 0945-2015 is work. Yes, I work 10.5 hours on Saturday it sucks, but I know people who have it worse. After work I usually head into Kyoto for drinks. I almost always say I'm gonna go home on the last train and it doesn't happen. I end up there till morning usually.

Sunday: Sundays are my rest days. I rarely do anything to strenuous because I'm usually hung over. I usually waste my day in front of the computer and eat shitty junk food cause I'm too fucked up to do anything else. I do however, rent movies quite often on Sundays which is always fun.

Monday: Monday I usually clean or study or rent movies. I basically try to use Monday as my day of productivity. I try to clean, do laundry, study, etc.

So there you have it guys. That is my weekly schedule. My lazy, unproductive, waste of time schedule. I know there are some folks out there who have it worse than me (having to work in a frozen tundra for 16 hours a day for one), but still I feel that I am wasting my life with doing what I am now. The thing is is that this rut I've fallen in is reinforced by my friends. Now, I love all my friends they're good people and all, but I feel that I am slipping away from being interested in drinkin and chasing girls and being wild. I feel that though this behavior was ok in university and shit, but now I'm an adult and I really should be moving beyond this shit. I sometimes try to stay home or drink in Kusatsu (something I haven't done in months because the one cool bar here got shut down back in June) or even go out of town. The days where I stay home I have to tell people that I'm sick or they won't leave me alone. Even if I say that I have something important to do on Sunday they don't care, they'll keep me there and that's that. One guy actually took my money until the last train left so that I couldn't go home.

Due to these feelings I have decided that I want to look for a job away from Kyoto. Away from the crazy parties and endless drinking. I want a normal, quiet, stable life. Of course I'll still go out every once and again, but only have a few drinks and then go home. And I would prefer to have the drinks over food. I guess it's more of a mature view of drinking, but that's how I've felt recently. It will be much easier for me to do this if I can pull up stakes and move someplace new.

On top of these feelings I also just feel like an adventure. I want to be somewhere where it doesn't feel so familiar. I remember a couple years back I would walk around Kyoto and not have a clue at all as to where I was. I miss that, I want that back. I've actually thought about moving to Taiwan or China to get that feeling back, but then I won't be able to acheive my goal of JLPT 1 (well at least not as easily). I think if I keep that goal in mind I'll be able to keep focused long enough to do it. Then I can hop over to someplace totally new.

Really the biggest thing isn't the drinking (though it is a convenient excuse to leave), it's the feeling of sameness. I feel that Kyoto has gotten to be repetitive and stale. I love Kyoto, but I need a change of scenery. I've always been like this really. I've had a wanderlust ever since I was a kid. I love to travel and go new places. I guess the time has just come to leave.
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