Drunkenmasta (drunkenmasta) wrote,

Mission Impossible 3

I went into Omi-Hachiman yesterday to see the latest installment of the M:i movies. I liked it. It was a really good action movie. I agree with my friend Brad who mentioned that the mask scheme was kinda getting worn out, but in this movie to see how they make them and what they had to do to get it was cool. The action was also really sweet. I also liked how Ethan Hunt acted more like a soldier rather than just some super spy. They way he moved and shit was really cool and military like. Overall I enjoyed the movie.

Another plus was that I got to see the trailer for Superman Returns. Recently I've became a big Superman fan and it seems that I've dragged Rob down with me. I've been watching Smallville and reading Superman comics. I even watched the old Superman movies (not the best pieces of cinema). So I am really excited about the new movie. It comes out here August 19th. So I will definately go see that shit.
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