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So I made it back. It took longer than anticipated, but I made it back. My plane was stuck in Osaka for about 4 hours due to an improperly closed door. For a bit it was looking like we weren't going to leave at all, but the maintenance guys fixed it and we were on our way. It did allow me to my itinerary changed from Detroit to Chicago to Nashville to Detroit to Nashville.

So far things are ok here. I don't have much money which is a bummer, but I've got enough to last me a few months here. I'm going to Memphis later this week in the hope of finding a job sooner rather than later. The biggest thing is that I don't have a car. THAT really sucks. I'll just find work and then get a car after my first or second month. Hopefully by the end of summer all my stuff will be set up and I'll be good to go.

I have been buying the essentials these last two days. I got a watch, some sun glasses and a bunch of other stuff that I will need upon moving to Memphis. Tomorrow I will start going through my junk and packing my stuff for Memphis.
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