Drunkenmasta (drunkenmasta) wrote,

On Moving

So as many of you know I am moving back to Memphis. Actually this time tomorrow I will be moving towards the airport. That's right. I have just a little over 24 hours left here. I'm pretty excited about going home. It'll be an interesting experience readjusting to my home country. I'm also a bit nervous about it actually. It's been so long that I've actually spent any significant time in America that I'm not sure how I'll adjust to it.

So moving. I have thrown away a lot of my stuff. Well let me rephrase that. I have thrown away a lot of my junk. I swear I have accumulated so much crap that it's not funny. Moving is refreshing in many ways. It allows you to reevaluate your life and things that are important. I realized that a lot of the stuff that I had in drawers or in shelves or in boxes was stuff that I had no need for at all. There were a lot of clothes that I haven't worn in months or even years. So they all went in the trash. There were comics that I had always intended on reading but never did and they too went in the trash. I still have a lot more stuff that I am going to purge. At first I thought it was stuff that I wanted, but really no.

Something that kinda pissed me off last night was that I found out how much my cellphone will be to cancel. It's going to be 35,880 Yen. That was about 15,880 more that I had anticipated. So my advice to everyone out there: DO NOT USE SOFTBANK! They are very dodgey and their prices are fucking exthorsion.
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