Drunkenmasta (drunkenmasta) wrote,

Of late

I just realized that it's been nearly two months since my last update, and that was merely a rant about movies.

Not too much has been going on with me. I went to Tokyo about a month ago. That was fucking great. I had a great time hanging with my friends and just wandering about the city. That was actually the first time that I actually got to go around by myself. It was nice. I'm actually probably going to move to that area within the next year or so. I love Kansai, but I think it's time for a change of scenery. I think I would be happiest in Tokyo rather than anyother place (other than Kansai). If I were to move to somewhere like Hokkaido or something, I would probably be miserable, but in Tokyo I think I could carve out a life.

I will be going to Shikoku this weekend to hangout with my old chum, D. I think it'll be a cool trip. I've never been to Shikoku so it's something new.

I'll post about the trip when I get back. I promise.
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