Drunkenmasta (drunkenmasta) wrote,

Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Shit

I knew better. I really did. I knew I shouldn't have wasted the 250 yen on this movie, but hey it deals with Japan and I'm a big dork for movies about Japan. So this installment of the Fast and the Furious series is definately the weakest. It deals with this guy who wrecks this housing development while racing. So instead of prison he gets shipped to his dad in Japan (Tokyo more specifically). Now of course everyone in Japan either has a car or is a racing legend. All the women are hot and wear the short skirts and tall ass boots. All this movie is is a mixture of all the stereotypes of Japan and of illegal street racing. It's really quite tedious. Another thing is that apparently everybody speaks English in this reality. Funny thing is that the main chick goes from speaking perfect English to having a nice accent. Seems a mizture of Spanish and Japanese. They really try to play up the whole pimp club, ultra dance culture. It exists but not to the extent that this movie portrays. I laughed at the first race in Tokyo when they're in this garage and there's this dude who is DJing. Like it's absolutely everywhere. Really funny. All in all it's a shitty movie. I shoulda gotten a porn.
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