Drunkenmasta (drunkenmasta) wrote,

I had a weekend

My friend Patrick came down to Kusatsu this weekend. It was cool. We joked, watched movies and I yelled at the video store clerk and went to the Gion festival.

The festival wasn't as cool as I thought. It rained all fucking day. That sucked, but it was still fun. We started drinking around 5 at the Hub (a British style pub). Some of my friends were there. Patrick drank absinthe by mistake. He thought the drink sounded cool (it was called Stairway to Heaven). I just drank some gin and tonics. We then walked around Gion some more and ate a pita. We then chilled at Ing and then bounced to Unity. That was cool. Talked to some chicks and this cool foreigner guy. Patrick eventually found this Chinese liqour that had mice in it. Yes I said mice. Kinda like that tequilla with the worm. Well Pat says he wants some and the bartender gives him a free shot. The only catch is that I had to fucking take one too. So I have consumed an alcohol that had dead fucking mice in it. That should go in a record book or something. Rob showed up with Yakiniku man and we drank some with him at another place and then it was off to Kusatsu and karaoke. At Kusatsu station we met up with some foreigners who work at Nova. Pat, Rob and I just did karaoke by ourselves.

Monday was just chillin and eatin food. Pat went back to Nagoya and Rob and I watched Final Cut. It was pointless. I then went and saw Pirates of the Carribean 2 in Omihachiman. It too was boring.

And that is all.
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